6th March 2009
Fishy Friday
6th March 2009 - The Eldorado House
Fishy Salad
salad fish
Fillets of Sea Bream, cut into lozenge pieces
Sugar Snap peas, cut in 3-4 diagonal sections
Red pepper, sliced
Spring onion, in thick diagonal slices
Figs, sliced into thin segments (skin on)
Mixed salad leaves

Pot yoghurt
¼ Pot double cream or less, the flavour is surprisingly noticeable
Dijon mustard
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Juice of 2 mandarin oranges
Salt & pepper
Mix the salad and shake up the dressing.
Grill the Sea Bream pieces skin-side first.
Serve the dressed salad over the leaves, and scatter with the fish.
Really delicate flavoured fish, with a fine, moist flesh. The pieces only need turning over briefly to finish.
Not really sure about the dressing, but it went well enough. It's tricky to get the balance of flavours just right. Not too much cream, not too little mustard.

Fishy Salad

Fishy Razors
starter fish
Half dozen Razor Fish/Razor Shells/Razor Clams
Fennel seeds
Olive oil
Diced tomato
White wine

Clean the Razor Shells, fry the fennel seeds in the hot olive oil, add a large knob of butter and add the Razor Shells.
Once they open, throw in the tomato, allow to soften, add a generous dash of white wine, reduce briefly, serve.
The Razor shells were rubbery and gritty. Perhaps I overcooked them?
Soaking them in salty water, and perhaps feeding them with a little flour might help to flush through the sand also. Mind you - the gritty bits in our ones weren't just sand but possibly chunks of shell.
The flavour with the fennel seeds was nice though (I tried this because we didn't have any herbs). Perhaps try the same technique with another shellfish - mussels perhaps?
Looking around the intertubes it seems most people thoroughly clean their Razor Clams before they use them, cooking them briefly to get them open, then cutting off the end of the digger, and removing their guts.
I suppose you could then serve them back on their shells or roll them in flour/cornmeal to fry.

Fishy Razors

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