14th July 2014
Curry Prolapse
Beetroot Curry

Anal prolapse? Nope, just the after-effects of a particularly vigorous beetroot curry.

Quite a tasty one too as it happens.
Friday night I settled in to a nice long bath with a crate of Marstons and one of my frozen Spicey Cottage Karahi Goshts. I need to whittle them down since I'll be getting the chance to replenish my supplies soon enough when the family get together to observe the anniversary of Mum's passing. As usual I made up a batch of yoghurt sauce to go with, and as usual when I sobered up the next day and cleared away the empties I'd ended up with loads left over.

So I went through the fridge and made curries with whatever I found there, including those beetroots which still haven't made it into macaroons. I borrowed the beetroot curry recipe, but the sweetcorn is all my own work.
Very tasty they were too, though I say so myself.

Just don't peer too closely at the toilet bowl the next day ;)

Sweetcorn Curry
curry side veg vegan
I used arrowroot here to give the sauce a bit of thickness. It does give a slightly slimy texture, but I don't think that detracts too much from the curry.
I thought it might be worth trying a grating of coconut cream on top to serve, but that doesn't quite work with the sourness of the dish. It would take a different approach to the sauce - perhaps cream based?

Serves 4

Mix the powdered spices and salt to a paste with a little water.
Mix the arrowroot with a little water.
Simmer the corn cobs in water until they soften, then drain and cut the kernels away from the cobs.
Core the bell pepper and cut into pieces about the size of corn kernels.
Slice the onions into pieces the size of corn kernels.
Slice the green chillies into pieces the size of corn kernels feel free to discard some of the seeds.
Heat a couple of tablespoons of oil or ghee, throw in the pepper and onion pieces, shake, then immediately add the spice paste. Cook until the oil separates, then add the corn and the chillies. Mix thoroughly, then add the stock.
Simmer for a few minutes until the corn softens completely, then add the arrowroot mixture until the sauce thickens to your satisfaction. Before serving, stir through chopped coriander leaves, reheat, then add the lemon juice.
The heat of the chilli, the sourness of the spice and lemon, the sweetness of the corn all make for a good combination.

Beetroot Curry
curry veg vegan side main
I added potato and chilli powder to Mark Hix's basic recipe and re-organised the spices a little.

Serve with a batch of golden Basmati rice:
  • Heat a couple of tablespoons of oil or ghee and fry up half a teaspoon each of onion and white mustard seeds
  • Stir through a cup of rice and fry until it looks glossy
  • Blend in a teaspoonful of turmeric and some salt and cook to release the spice aroma
  • Add 2 cups of water, cover and simmer slowly until the surface goes dry with little pits
  • Pop the covered pan into the lowest oven to bake until you need it

Serves 4

Boil the unpeeled beetroot and potato if using. When soft enough to penetrate with a knife, peel the beetroot and cut into bite-sized pieces. Cut the unpeeled potato into bite-sized pieces.
Mix the ground spices with a tablespoon of red or white wine vinegar.
Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan and fry the whole spices on a low heat for a minute until they fizz and spit. Add the chilli flakes if using and fry briefly without burning.
Add the spice paste and fry until the oil begins to separate then add the tomato purée and fry again to rid it of any bitterness. Add the potato pieces if using and coat them well, then add the onion and the dried leaves and cook on a low heat with a lid on for a minute, then add the garlic and fry for another minute.
Add the beetroot and vegetable stock, season, and simmer gently for about 45 minutes or until the beetroot is just coated in the sauce. Stir frequently. If the beetroot starts getting dry, just add a little more water.

Add the lemon peel and cook for another minute, then stir through the coriander; serve with a spoonful of the yogurt on top.
Or you can serve it with a minty-coriander yoghurt sauce.
I used chilli powder and chilli flakes, though you could always use green chillies instead added with the beetroot.

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