22nd June 2009
Broad Bean and Tuna Salad
salad fish
I noticed half-price broad bean pods in Sainsburys, and thought I'd try them out since I haven't tried fresh ones before.
Though they can be a little bitter, especially if you leave on the skins, the result was surprisingly nice...

We seem to have a working evening pattern now: Rachel cooks for the girls,
whilst I shop on the way in from work and cook later for the two of us.
And Sophie again - who seems to be eating for two these days and likes to try my experimental food,
though she did steal half the peas.

Note To Self: Buy extra peas.

Fresh Broad Beans
Pod Peas
Asparagus tips
Lemons or Limes Rachel likes lime!
Olive oil
Muscavado sugar
1 small red onion
2 slices stale bread or toast
Thick yoghurt or crême fréche
1 generous Tuna steak
Ground cumin
White wine vinegar
Rocket salad
Mix Olive oil, shredded mint leaves, a little white wine vinegar and lime juice. Season.

Pod the peas and the broad beans.
Blanch the peas (just bring minted, salted water back to the boil with the peas in). Drain.
Simmer the beans for 3-5 minutes, or less if small. Pop the (larger) beans out of their skins.
Blanch the asparagus tips
Cover the vegetables in olive oil and stir in shredded mint leaves. Add about half the quantity of lime juice. Leave to marinate.

Finely chop the onion, fry slowly in a little olive oil until starting to colour Jamie adds bashed cumin seeds and dried chilli - I like the chilli idea.
Process the stale bread to fine crumbs, add to the onion and fry until crispy.
Scatter with sieved Muscavado sugar and stir through in the pan

Dress the salad leaves.
Whip a little cream into the yoghurt to thicken it if you like.
Cut the tuna steak into chunks and flash fry. Scatter with grated lime peel to finish.

To serve, sprinkle the plates with cumin powder, pour on a small puddle of dressing. Place a pile of tuna pieces on the puddle. Spoon on yoghurt and pile the marinated vegetables on top, finishing with a generous heaping of the breadcrumb mixture.
Toss some dressed salad on the side and serve.

Broad Bean Salad
Pretty nice - quick too. Good ElDorado approval rating! Could make the tuna "ceviche" style instead of frying it. Even grilling the tuna might be better - I overcooked it.

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