13th November 2009
Baked Vegetables: The Simplest Eldorado Dinner EVER
Baked Mushroom Baked Aubergine
Stick vegetables in oven.
Take vegetables out of oven.
Mash vegetables together.

What could be simpler?

An olde favourite of mine.
Baked Vegetables
starter main veg
Serves 2

2 aubergines, pricked all over and rubbed with olive oil
2 complete heads of garlic
2 large flat field mushrooms, cleaned, stalks removed
2 whole tomatoes
soft goat's cheese (chèvre)
Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6/200°C/400°F

Bake the vegetables on dishes or trays.
The approximate timings are:
about 1 hour
heads of garlic
about 40 minutes
about 40 minutes
about 30 minutes
Keep an eye on the vegetables just in case the timings are slightly off.

Prick and oil your aubergines, then start baking them on trays.
Add the garlic at 10 minutes past
Add the tomatoes in shallow dishes at the same time - 10 minutes past.

Clean and destalk the mushrooms, season and drizzle with a little olive oil and add them on trays at 30 minutes past.

Remove the garlic at 50 minutes past, or when they are meltingly soft and golden. They will probably have started to ooze by this time. Slit open the cloves and squeeze them into a dish. This will be a bit messy!
Mash them up with a fork - they should be quite mushy.

Remove the tomatoes also at 50 minutes past when they are split and starting to shrivel. Scoop out the innards (cutting them into quarters can help with this) and crush their flesh into another bowl.

Remove the remaining vegetables, at 60 minutes past or so when they are soft and cooked through. The aubergines will be well wrinkled and the mushrooms collapsing.

Slit open the aubergines lengthways and spread them open. Or you can cut a long slice out of the top and stuff the "pocket".
Now you can smear mashed tomato and/or garlic onto the mushrooms and the aubergines as you like
- a good combination is garlic for the aubergines and tomato and garlic on the mushrooms.
Mash the goat's cheese into the aubergine to finish off.

How easy is that?

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