1st December 2013
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Doctor Who

Is it a sign of getting old when Doctor Who starts to seem too juvenile? It has now moved through the three stages of TV sci-fi show grief: first terrifying, onto boring, then childish. I fear the next and final stage will be woke :(

I actually quite like the new, younger Doctor model (to my surprise), but his budgie-headed assistant Clara Oswald is a complete disaster, and all I want to do is punch her dumb face in.
The Rings of Astrakhan has to be the stupidest episode I've watched since they wheeled K9 off to the scrap yard, and most of these 50-year special things have left me singularly unmoved.

Whatever happened to clever time-based scheming like the stuff in Blink? I mean - he is a Time Lord after all.
Solving every puzzle, and escaping from every trap by using a magic sonic macguffin sort-of misses the point really.

Anyhow. You'll find this week I have been mostly cooking my leftover pumpkin (yes, I still have leftover pumpkin), chorizo and salt cod.
Oh, and a roast chicken. I'll grind its bones to make my Christmas bread stock.

Parsnip, Pumpkin and Tomato Mash
veg staple
Tomato goes quite well with an otherwise rather bland parsnip and pumpkin mash, if all you have in the pantry are parsnips and pumpkins. I had some tomato juice and chicken stock to use up too so in they went.
The main problem is the stringyness of the parsnips. Probably you will need to puree them with some liquid in a food processor.

Cut the pumpkin in half, deseed and roast at Gas Mark 6 for half an hour or so until soft. Scrape out the flesh and mash.
Peel and boil the parsnips and mash or purée them with the stock.
Mash everything together and season generously.
A bit of a dull mash, but nice to have in the arsenal.

Chorizo and Salt Cod Penne Pasta
meat fish pasta experimental
Not one I got around to making, but it seemed like a promising idea for using up the last of my chorizo and salt cod, which ought to work well in a (I assumed tomato-based) pasta sauce, with a little support from a blue cheese or black olives. Or possibly both.

I thought I might even be able to smuggle in some of that never-ending pumpkin I seem to have so much of. So bonus points all round!

Cook your pasta.
Heat up the chorizo and salt cod in pasta sauce. Add any or all of blue cheese, black olives, some form of limes. Hide some roast pumpkin cubes in there too and serve ladled over the pasta.
Let me know what you think if you try it before I do...

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