Scottish InDependence Day. September 18th 2014

I mean seriously, how could it BE any worse?
... Cue raptors!

The most entertaining moment in the campaign?
A vast fleet of Westminster troughers, herded up to Scotland at the taxpayers' expense to campaign for the continued obeisance of an unthinking British populace, emerge blinking into the harsh sunlight of Glasgow city centre...

They have come here to explain to the wayward Scots why it is in their own best interests to bow down to their distant imperial masters, but are unexpectedly waylaid by the mischievous subversion of a Celt and a boom box in a rickshaw.

Watch in wonder as this veritable army of political weevils all towing their identikit wheelie suitcases and accompanied by their sycophantic press retinue are harried down the entire length of Buchanan street to the strains of John Williams' famous Star Wars leitmotif The Imperial March.

Delight in the bemusement on their over-indulged piggy faces at such unprecedented resistance as they struggle to contend with this gloriously irreverent satire on their self-important arrogance, vanity and conceit.

I give you:

Post Scriptum:
In the end the vote was no.
I'm disappointed but relieved.

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  1. Yer welcome, thanks for visiting - let's hope it doesn't all turn to bitter resentment now eh?

    #2 – 22 September, 2014 at 2:00 pm

  2. Hilarious, thanks for sharing this Karl :-)

    #1 – 18 September, 2014 at 9:32 am

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