24th April 2009
Cucumber Is Not Pizza
I'm on this health kick whilst I try and shake some of my vast expanse of gut.
As a punishment for eating the free lunchtime pizza at work I ate half a cucumber for dinner.
Wish I had a decent digital camera so I could record the true horror!

Cucumber Salad
salad veg vegan
Sweet/red onion
Red Chilli
Pine nuts lightly crushed peanuts would probably be better
Tarragon vinegar
Caraway seeds
Brown sugar
Prepared English mustard
Thinly slice the cucumber, radish, chilli and onion.
Boil up the vinegar, caraway seeds and sugar to dissolve the sugar and reduce the vinegar slightly. Whisk in the mustard.
Strain to remove the seeds, pour over the vegetables and mix well.
Probably dill would have worked better than caraway seeds and peanuts rather than pine nuts, but I didn't have any.
Still, it was quite tasty, though I was pretty hungry - the pizza must have been wearing off.

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