30th March 2009
Terrific service from the nice people at Suomikauppa
Fabulous Finns
I ordered a batch of those fantastic Fazer Mignon Choccy eggs for Easter from the online Finnish shop Suomikauppa
nicely facilitated by their surprisingly slick and painless online payment setup.
What with the euro exchange rate being what it is this turns out to be a very expensive indulgence, but hey, can't get enough of those Mignons!
I spent the next two weeks(!) salivating in anticipation, and couldn't contain my excitement when the parcel finally arrived in the office and immediately ripped it open.
Things didn't look promising when a rain of crushed eggshell fell like confetti from the parcel, and sure enough, there wasn't much left of my dozen eggs.

Broken Mignons
However, a sad email to those really nice people at Suomikauppa started a surprisingly pleasant conversation which looks to be about to resolve itself with me receiving another batch of choccy eggs, hopefully in time for Easter!


Hello there,

I received my order of Mignon eggs today,
unfortunately they were packed in a soft bag instead of a box, and the postmen seem to have jumped up and down on the parcel so all my eggs have been smashed to pieces.

I'm not very impressed with your packaging I'm afraid.
When sending delicate goods abroad, surely it would have been sensible to have used a box?

...karl sourville


Thank you for your mail. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
There are certain dimension restrictions on how large a mini parcel can be, and therefore a decision to pack the goods into a soft bag was made.
We have sent these same products this way all over the world without any difficulties, so to me this seems just an unfortunate one time mishap on the behalf of Finnish post offices.

Surely we will make this up to you any way you like.

Would you like us to send you these products again (in a hard cardboard box), or could we compensate this as a rebate to Suomikauppa?

If you could take photos of how smashed these products really were, we would love to have them over in order to be able to learn from this as of how to pack this sort of orders more securely in the future?

Kind regards,


Thank you for your quick response,

Personally I would blame the British Post Office rather than the Finnish one!

I would like to take up your kind offer to replace the eggs, I have 4 which arrived (mostly) unbroken, so if you could send me only 8 more that would make me very happy.

Although I can see that you made a great effort to carefully wrap the eggs in paper, the cardboard egg containers are quite dented so substantial force must have been applied by the postmen.

I have attached a photograph so you can see the damage for yourselves, I opened the parcel and a shower of eggshell fell out like confetti at a wedding. It was very sad :(

...Karl Sourville


Thank you for the photo! I will forward this onto our packing. We will ship you the 8 eggs on today's post!

Kind regards,



Wow, that's really very nice of you,
and much more than I expected.

What terrific service!
Thank you very much....

P.S. https://www.cookingwithkarl.co.uk/Cooking/html/Diary/2009-03-30-FabulousFinns.php

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