29th September 2010
Leftover Leftover Liquorice Day
Now I have leftovers from the meal I made yesterday to use up the leftovers from my Liquorice Dinner. So I thought I'd use a spare lemon with the spare squid ink pasta to try Jamie Oliver's very simple lemon linguine.

Naturally, being a pretentious arse Jamie insists you should use Sicilian lemons, which reputedly being less acidic, might explain some taste differences, but I thought the recipe was pretty much rubbish. The balance of flavours are all wrong - far too much lemon and not nearly enough olive oil, however a bit of adjustment gives you something that's not too unpalatable. I'm just not entirely sure it's significantly better than simply leaving out the lemon completely.

You could try adding some dried red chillies.
I'm slightly dubious about garlic but you could try that too.

Lemon Linguine
main pasta
You don't have to use squid ink pasta with this. In fact. Probably you shouldn't.

Serves 4

Whilst the pasta is cooking, beat the lemon juice and rind with the olive oil around twice oil to juice and add the parmesan. Season.
Strain the pasta and add it back to the hot pan together with the sauce and give it a good stir.
The heat will melt the cheese and give the pasta a smooth coating, after which you can allow it to cool slightly before mixing in the torn basil leaves and the rocket.
Some possible extras:
  • a grating of nutmeg
  • dried red chilli flakes
  • minced fresh green chilli (quite good!)
  • minced garlic (dubious?)
  • chopped black olives
  • mint/chives or any other herbs you fancy
  • no lemons!
Actually I'm starting to like it now. My proportions above are pretty good!

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