Hot Prawn Cocktail

Hot Prawn Cocktail
starter fish
I fancied a hot (temperature) version of a Marie Rose sauce to make a prawn cocktail pancake filling.

But it makes a decent starter on a bed of shredded (or whole) lettuce leaves, and a really tasty pasta sauce too (with the shredded lettuce for added texture).

Serves 4

Peel and de-seed the tomatoes and chop into ¼" dice.
Peel the prawns (I had a dozen king prawns), carefully remove the black line of intestine that runs down their back. Slice in half lengthways if you want them to be a little more delicate.

Heat olive oil and gently fry the garlic, then the chillies, then add the tomato purée until the oil separates a little. Add the chopped tomatoes cook briefly until they soften, then flame off the brandy.
Add the prawns, then as much cream as you need to make a thick sauce. You could a little cornflour in a drop of water if you want the sauce to be thicker. Simmer gently until the prawns are cooked through.
Remove from the heat and stir through the mayonnaise and the lemon juice.
Serve on the shredded lettuce garnished with paprika or cayenne.
This is really tasty as a pasta sauce - the lettuce adds a nice texture.

You don't want to overcook the prawns - either add them with the cream and simmer briefly or fry them to start, then remove them before cooking the tomato, and add them back in at the end.
I would add more cream to thin the sauce if I were eating it with pasta.