Steamed Broccoli with Caraway Seeds
A nice side dish that Jenny made for me.

She also made tasty creamy stewing steak without sealing her meat.
It occurs to me that you probably don't really need to "seal" your meat when you're putting it in a creamy sauce (though I tend to do it religiously).
Current opinion on the subject seems to be that all this "sealing" does nothing of the kind, but does generate tasty caramelised bits to flavour the sauce. I do wonder if it might not actually toughen the meat if you're not going to cook it long enough to relax the fibres again.

A bit of experimentation with two batches of minced meat leads me to the conclusion that you risk somewhat chewy, greasy mince if you skip the browning stage.
I made a sauce by just boiling the mince up in cream, and the flavour is a little different - not unpleasant, but definitely different. More mealy and meaty somehow. And the sauce also required longer cooking to render out enough of the fat from the meat.
Basically I think unless you have some very good mince without fat or particularly gristle, you would usually be better off browning it first.
Not sure yet how this applies to cubes of steak, but they'd more likely be in a watery stew so it might be a bit different.

Steamed Broccoli with Caraway Seeds
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This should work well with shredded cabbage too.
I have a feeling I've made that before anyway, with a final dressing of cream, sour cream, or was it yoghurt.
And they might have been cumin seeds rather than caraway.

Separate the broccoli into florets, pile them into a steamer and shake over a couple of teaspoons of caraway seeds.
Steam until the broccoli is cooked, but still has a bit of bite.
A good combination of flavours. You might also try dressing with sour cream or yoghurt to serve.

Steamed Savoy Cabbage with Caraway Seeds
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Ah, I remember now, the original idea came from Michael Smith

Slice the Savoy cabbage very thinly - like string.
Pile it into a steamer and scatter with a teaspoonful of caraway seeds or so, and a teaspoon of salt.
Steam until just tender (which should only take a few minutes - possibly 5), then toss with enough crème fraîche to coat.
Very tasty. I think a little white wine or tarragon vinegar might work stirred through also.
You could use cumin or fennel seeds for a bit of variety.

Half a cabbage makes enough for about 4 people.