Pan-Roasted Mushrooms
A particularly flavoursome way of cooking juicy mushrooms that aren't all dried out like the sliced variety, or all mushy like when you have so many you have to pile them up in a pan with lots of butter and cook them with the lid on. If you like you can also add a few cherry tomatoes still on the vine to cook beside them.

Pan-Roasted Mushrooms
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I call it pan-roasting 'cos the mushrooms come out looking roasted :)
You can use button, chestnut or even field mushrooms. Cut out any particularly, stalky, er, stalks.

Allow 2-3 mushrooms per person

Dribble a thin layer of oil or oil-and-butter in a small frying pan, set over a low heat, lay in the mushrooms cap-down, season them and leave to cook gently for 10-15 minutes until nicely browned. If you left the stalks in you might want to roll the mushrooms over for a while to make sure and brown them too.
Excellent mushrooms - perfect with your breakfast scrambled eggs.
Or a brown supper.