Fried Eggs and Tomatoes on Toast
Just about my second favourite breakfast this side of Eggs Benedict
Strange really - it doesn't get simpler than this, but there's something awesome about the combination of flavours that really pushes my buttons when I get it just right.

Fried Eggs and Tomatoes on Toast
Fried Eggs, tinned tomatoes, bacon and toast
Serves One

Chop the bacon quite small and sweat it in a little olive oil in a heavy saucepan until it is cooked but not crispy.
You're allowed to add some minced or sliced garlic now too. And a squeeze of tomato purée if you want an even more intense tomato flavour.
Add the tin of chopped tomatoes and leave them to cook down. I like them when they've reduced slightly.
Toast the bread. Use white or wholewheat depending on your mood, but make sure it's good quality and the slices are thick. Butter the slices generously and place them on a plate.
Fry the eggs over easy (as our American cousins say) in hot olive oil so that the edges crisp nicely, but the yolks are absolutely runny.
Ladle tomatoes onto the toast, then put the eggs on top, season with a generous amount of sea salt and tuck in.