Sweetcorn Fritters
Since I had some leftover rice and a couple of cobs of sweetcorn just clogging up the fridge I thought I'd try and combine my recipe for fried rice balls with this recipe for sweetcorn fritters.
It suggests serving your fritters with a salsa of softened shallots, chilli and garlic with chopped tomato, but I wanted to have mine with some leftover oriental soup. Unfortunately they just didn't go - turned all soggy and the flavours didn't match.
They might have worked with a thicker soup, especially one with some corn in it, but they tasted nice enough in themselves.

Sweetcorn Fritters
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I tried just puréeing half a mixture of corn and rice, stirring in some spring onion and deep-frying them in little balls but they just fell apart. So I added some plain flour which held the fritters together alright.
I then tried adding some cornmeal to see how that went, which added a little graininess to the texture but otherwise was no improvement. I also threw in some cumin, and lots of salt which helped with the flavour.
I didn't get around to trying adding some egg, and I have no idea why the original has baking powder in there, but maybe I'll get to find out...

Makes about 9 fritters

Cook the rice and the corn and split the kernels away from the cobs.
Split the spring onions in half lengthways then chop finely. Purée about half the rice and corn and mix with the onion, herbs and spices.
Form into balls or fritters using two spoons and fry until golden brown in peanut oil at 350°F/180°C.
Quite tasty - need to try adding some beaten egg and baking powder,