Raha Egg Curry
As made for Hobbes' Scottish Series Training Dinner.

My old student buddy Niel Raha's Mum used to make a fearsome egg curry.
And here it is.
Funny - Niel's Dad was the one from India, but it was his Mum who used to make all the curries. Go figure.

The Fearsome Raha Egg Curry
curry side veg
Serves 6

Soft-boil your eggs (they'll be perfect when the water evaporates from their surface in 7 seconds), and immediately run them under cold water to stop them cooking any further. Shell them and set aside.
Blend the ground spices with enough vinegar to make a paste.
Peel, core and de-seed the tomatoes. You can do this by making cuts in the skin at top and bottom, blanching them in boiling water, peeling, quartering and removing their cores.

Fry the chillies until they darken.
Fry the onion until it softens
Fry the spices until the oil separates, fry the tomato purée then fry the tomato segments gently until they turn pulpy.
Add paprika if you want to improve the colour
Cook gently for 15 minutes.
Add the eggs and enough boiling water that the eggs are covered. Pierce them with a knife and cook for a few minutes.
Serve dressed with grated creamed coconut.
Use one egg per person.
If you're going to keep this for a few days before serving, don't add the eggs yet - they will go rather rubbery. Reheat with freshly boiled eggs to serve.
In fact, it's best of all when the eggs are still runny in the middle (so you might think about poaching the eggs in the sauce) so you can mash the egg yolk and rich spicy tomato sauce together in your rice bowl. Yum!

This still wasn't hot enough for some people (Chic - this means you!) so feel free to add some hot sauce to ramp up the temperature before serving.
A quarter teaspoon if you want to hurt people, and a whole teaspoon if you want to kill them.