Stuffed Heart
We used to have roast heart when we were kids, and I have fond memories of those delicious, smooth, dense muscles.
Though Mum didn't stuff them, or wrap them in bacon, and they were probably bigger than lamb's heart.
Ox maybe.
I suppose due to my introduction at an early age I've been quite keen to recreate those tasty memories and have made several attempts over the years.

Update - Mum tells me she did use Ox heart - roasted in pieces (maybe quarters) at gas 4 or 5 covered in a casserole dish, but without additional liquid. Ah, things were simpler back then!

Stuffed Heart
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If you have a heart left over from making haggis, say, then this is a good use for it.

Serves 1-4 depending on the size

Pre-heat the oven to Gas 3/165°C/325°F.
Cut out the large fibrous capillaries from the top of the heart to leave a nice conical hole.
Stuff the hole with chutney.
Stretch out a few bacon slices with the back of a heavy knife and wrap them around the heart.
Bake the heart in a roasting tin, or a small dish until cooked through and the bacon is browned - 1-1½ hours or so, depending on the size.
Pretty good: heart needs a nice long slow cooking to tenderise it - you could braise it in some tasty liquid too if you liked.
Prunes (soaked in Armagnac!) might make a good stuffing too I would think.

From my time at the North Fork Hostel
Apple Stuffed Heart
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Unfortunately though I made this quite successfully at the North Fork Hostel I can't remember exactly what it was I did.
I do know that I made an apple stuffing (I think with onions and bread crumbs) and rolled it into the heart. I think I just baked the stuffed, rolled heart in a covered baking tin for about an hour. I don't recall any precooking. I might have added some water or juice though. I don't remember the oven temperature, but I think pretty low.
Hope that's helpful!
Tasted pretty good though. I remember THAT!
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Heart With Kiwi
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I fried up some heart pieces with sliced kiwi, and the combination of flavours was rather tasty. Perhaps it would be possible to design a stuffing around this idea?
Something to work on...
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