A Greek (and Turkish) recipe for dried soup. Yep. Dried Soup!

Greek dried yoghurt and wheat soup base
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Trahana is an ancient eastern dried soup base made of wheat and yoghurt or fermented milk, and will keep for months, probably years well-sealed in a cool dark place.
This typically Greek version from my friend George uses bulgur (cracked wheat) and yoghurt.
Here's the recipe in his own words:

Makes a cup or so

put the yoghurt (Greek style) in the pot and when it boils, put wheat and salt stir until it sets
put flour (half a cup?) just enough to thicken the mixture - Ed and stir so that you can give it shape like dough.
you give it shape like small pita breads and you dry it (or put it in the oven in very low temperature) when it dries, you crush it, so that it becomes yoghurt covered grains again.
Cook in a low oven for several hours, or overnight if you have a low fan-assisted oven.

making it a bit naughty
the above is the plain/vanilla recipe usually I put before the yoghurt: 2 vegetable Knorr stocks, 1 cup of paprika, a lot of oregano, chopped chilli peppers and water until it becomes a thick sauce
you can experiment as much as you want with this
When you come to make your soup just simmer the trahana in boiling water (or stock) until it thickens. (You can also soak it first)
Add olive oil and then whatever ingredients you fancy - usually feta or halloumi cheese, and for example, some chorizo.
It gives a nice tangy graininess to the soup, and it's handy to have in the cupboard. You can also add it to meatballs.
George tells me that his latest batch featuring the flavours of parsley and dill is a revelation!