God I love sweetbreads. Sweetbreads and fois gras. Though to be honest I don't think I've actually had them together.

Sweetbreads in Mango Sauce
Sweetbreads served on creamed spinach with mango sauce
main meat
Serves a couple

Soak the sweetbreads in cold (ice) water for an hour to rinse off blood. Boil the sweetbreads in (half a) lemon juice water for five minutes, then cool and remove the membranes and any blood vessels. coat in seasoned flour. (paprika seemed a nice touch)

Mango Sauce
Boil up the mango (mashed a little) with some water and the half a lemon of juice. Force the juice through a sieve to make a clear sauce then thicken with cornflour mixed in a little water and simmer to cook the flour a little and thicken the sauce. Perhaps some experiments with arrowroot?

Cream of Spinach
Boil the spinach in only the water that sticks to it from washing. Squeeze out the spinach onion and cut it up or puree it and set aside. prepare a bechamel sauce with minced onions and minced garlic use cream or half and half and use the excess spinach water . Flavour it lightly with grated lemon peel. Stir in the pureed spinach.

Fry the seasoned sweetbreads in clarified butter for a few minutes until golden brown. Serve the sweetbreads on a bed of creamed spinach and cover with the sauce