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3rd October 2023 - Aaron Bulging
Street Food - Thailand
Thai Street Food Box
Thai-ish food this week.
A bit rushed through, if I'm honest, though I'm not quite sure why - there really weren't all that many dishes. And we didn't even have to make up our own green curry paste.
Perhaps it had something to do with my stealing instruction time on how to ballotine a chicken. In which case; sorry folks!

I'm not sure how street the green curry is, but I must admit it goes really well over the noodles.
Even if I did over-reduce mine.

Thai this Box up for me!
Spring Rolls
They don't roll - they spring into your tummy.
Oodles of them!
Thai Green Curry
The perfect filling for your cardboard takeaway container.

Spring Rolls
side veg vegan oriental
My spring rolls were awkwardly massive, so you might want to quarter the filo sheets, and the fillings also burned at the ends of my rolls, so you perhaps could re-organise your rolling process to give more pastry protection over the ends.

Serves 4

Julienne all the ingredients and flash wok fry with the seasonings for 5 minutes or until slightly soft.
Spread on a tray and set aside to cool.
Mix flour with enough water to make a thick gluey paste.
With a sheet of spring roll pastry a quarter-sheet might be a more suitable size roll into spring roll:
  • Lay a sausage of filling near the top edge.
  • Fold the edges into the centre.
  • Fold the edge top tightly over the filling.
  • It might be best to roll the top over first, so as to get more pastry at the sides to prevent burning.
  • Press to remove air.
  • Glue the remaining pastry below the rolled filling.
  • Tightly roll the filling to the bottom of the remaining sheet.
  • brush the side and top edges with the flour glue
Deep fry until golden.
Bit big. Bit burnt at the edges. But the filling was tasty enough.

Fried Noodles
main oriental veg
Difficult to tell what origin you might describe these noodles having. They're a bit like a dry Chinese Chow Mein, a bit like Singapore noodles made with egg noodles not rice vermicelli.
Probably from one of those easy but inauthentic BBC recipes Aaron likes so much!

Although the original ingredients don't include any liquids I think you'll want to give the noodles a dash of hoisin, oyster, or soy sauce as they cook.
Feel free to add any other vegetables you'd like - peppers, cabbage, mangetout, etc.

Serves 4

Shred the ginger. Chop the chilli. Slice the carrot and onion as you like - particularly if you like them in long thin slices cut on a bias. Bring half a saucepan of water to a boil and cook the noodles for 3 minutes.
Drain and refresh with cold water, drain, separate, add the sesame oil and set aside.
In a pan or wok! with oil add the vegetables and flash-fry for 2 minutes then add the powders, the noodles and a splash of soy sauce? and heat through.
Add fresh coriander and serve.
I like my noodles fried until a little crispy at the edges - though this is best done in a separate wok.

Thai Green Curry
main fowl oriental thai curry
I must admit to hugely over-cooking my curry after adding the coconut cream and, er, cream, resulting in the sauce reducing and splitting to become unpleasantly greasy. So my advice is - don't forget about the simmering curry while you make your spring rolls just because it seems a bit too sloppy.

Serves 4

Have your class instructor make up the paste, presumably by just blending everything together.
Julienne the onion and finely slice the garlic and cook until soft in oil.
Add the chicken thighs (sliced), and seal.
Add your paste and cook out for 3 to 4 minutes.
Add your chicken stock and reduce for 3 minutes.
Add the coconut milk and cook gently for 10 minutes.
Add the vegetables and double cream and cook for 5 minutes just to warm through really - don't forget about it!
Add fresh chopped coriander and serve.
Not bad, if you don't over-reduce it.
Did I mention I over-reduced mine?