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15th November 2022 - Aaron Bulging
Dinner Party Dining - Course One - Masterchef
This week we thought it might be nice to replace our instructional class with a Masterchef knockoff. We each brought along a primary protein ingredient, in anticipation of using it to produce a roughly planned dish using other materials provided by the College. As it turned out, there was an almost overwhelming collection of ingredients provided, so there was less of a challenge to adapt the planned dish to limited circumstances, which is perhaps a shame. But then I'm sure that televised Masterchef competitions are equally artificial. If not outright fraudulent. Allegedly.

Anyway, I brought along a squid, just to be awkward. But I then ended up reproducing my Lemon Risotto-Stuffed Squid almost exactly since all the ingredients were available. And I brought along some port and madeira that I'd reduced earlier. Just in case.

And now, the entrants...

Not Karl's Not Karl's Not Karl's Karl's Entry Not Karl's Not Karl's Not Karl's Not Karl's Not Karl's

It was all good messy fun, though I doubt I learned anything and most importantly, Reader, I did not win 😢
My complementary cabbage dish, which I used a base on which to present the squid, was judged too coarsely chopped. Though I thought it tasted rather good.

Karl's Masterchef Entry
Lemon Risotto-Stuffed Squid With Ink And Saffron Sauce
A reprise of an old favourite.
Coconut Cabbage
Something to serve the squid on.

Coconut Cabbage
side veg vegan
Cut up the cabbage as you prefer. Apparently 1" lozenges are professionally frowned upon.
As you like.

Throw your appropriately chopped cabbage in a saucepan and dress with coconut milk.
Bring to a simmer and cook for only a few minutes until the cabbage is cooked through and the milk has mostly bubbled off.
Add more milk if the pan threatens to dry out.
Season and serve.
Simple, pleasant.