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9th February 2023 - David Wolves-Den
Dinner Party Dining - Course Two - Tapas Buffet
Should be a good class, considering that David's day job is cheffing a Tapas bar!

Mixed Tapas
Attention Shoppers:
Good morning chefs!

So plan for this Thursday. We are going to have a go at some tapas dishes. I'm going to set the bar high at 4. (it's totally fine if this isn't done in time, you will have the recipes) but as you are allcoming in leaps and bounds I'm confident you can produce 4 dishes in our time.
Reader, you will be disappointed to hear that we did not, in fact, produce 4 dishes in the time 🙁
Though to be fair the baba ganoush with flatbreads is actually 2 dishes.
We are going to cook pork loin and apples, patatas bravas, chorizo & chickpea stew and baba ghanoush with flatbreads.

The following is needed, college will provide the rest. Hope that is all OK. Let me know if any issues.
Looking forward to seeing you all again.

A Tapas Buffet
Pork Loin and Apples
A classic flavour combo.
Patatas Bravas
The tapas staple!
Chickpea and Chorizo Stew
A rich, spicy stew.
Like bread. But flat.
Baba Ganoush
The child-eating witch of slavic folklore. Surprisingly delicious. Or is that Baba Yaga?

Patatas Bravas
snack side spanish
This unavoidable tapas classic from Madrid, must be included in every tapas buffet.
It's the law!

Serves 2

Make the Sauce Madrid:
Slice onion, add garlic and sweat, season with salt and pepper, add paprika, vinegar, chilli and sautée, add tomatoes and sugar.

Cook the Potatoes:
Steam potatoes to al dente, add to frying pan and sautée until crispy.
Alternatively add oil to a baking tray and bake until crispy (around 20 minutes).

To serve, dress the potatoes with the sauce Madrid. Finish with chopped parsley.
Often made using specifically cayenne chilli pepper.

Baba Ganoush
snack starter veg vegan
Apparently meaning The Spoiled Father or possibly Pampered Sultan.
Either way, it's a Middle Eastern dish of unknown origin.
Best scooped up with a hunk of flatbread.

Serves 2

Score the aubergine and coat in oil.
Halve it first, then score the exposed flesh.
Add to an oven at 160°C for 40 minutes, leave to cool and spoon out the flesh. Mix all the ingredients with the aubergine and stir well. Season to taste.

staple bread veg
Makes 2

Mix all the ingredients together and knead, pat out and add to a dry frying pan, cook until blistered on both sides.
Although they don't meaningfully rise or puff up, they have a certain coarse peasant charm that grows on you.

Chickpea and Chorizo Stew
snack starter meat
Worth making double, so don't throw away the other half of that chorizo ring 🙂

Serves 2

Dice the onion and sweat with chopped garlic for 3 minutes, season lightly and add the finely diced chorizo.
Colour all over and add the white wine, reduce and add the paprika and tomatoes.
Reduce again slightly before adding the vegetable stock.
Strain the chickpeas and drain with water, well, that's what it says - I think it just means strain the peas and discard the water add to the broth and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Finish with chopped parsley.
Really good. Worth making in large quantities as a meal in itself.

Pork Loin and Apples
snack starter meat
Serves 2-4

In a pan heat some oil and add the pork, cook on the fat side first to render, turn once until coloured and baste in butter.
Add a dusting of paprika and finish in the oven at 180°C.
Chop the apples into concasse, heat a pan and add the apples, caramelize with a little sugar.
Season well and finish with thyme.

Cut the pork into slices or bite-sized pieces, dress with the apple and serve.
The notion is that the apple should be a sturdy cooking kind and survive the caramelization in lumps. But not to worry if it collapses completely into an apple sauce.