Foaming At The House Of Usher
Kieran worked at what used to be Ushers Restaurant in the now Norton House Hotel.
Then he worked in Starbucks where I get my lunchtime coffees and, when 'tis the season, my eggnogs.
Then he very kindly let me copy out the stolen Usher recipes he kept in his card index...
Oh, and just so you know, it's assumed that once you've made up the foam recipes you'll know how to load them into your foamer.

Ushers Smoked Bacon Foam
sauce meat
fry shallots, bacon, bayleaf, peppercorns
reduce water given off by bacon
add water and reduce by 2/3
add milk and infuse

Ushers Butternut Velouté
sauce side veg
Dice butternut evenly, rub in garlic,
cover in foil and roast for 30 mins until coloured
sweat off veg, add wine & reduce
add water (or stock)
add butternuts to veg, blitz and pass (through sieve)

Ushers Blue Cheese Foam
sauce veg

Ushers Beetroot Purée
sauce side veg vegan
oven 170 degC
wrap beetroots individually in foil, bake for 2-2.5 hours. Leave for 15 mins
Unwrap & rub skins off, chop finely
put chopped beetroot, beetroot juice and remaining ingredients in a pan and cook until liquid has evaporated (roughly 1 hour).
puree in blender
sugar to taste

Ushers Carrot & Anise Purée
sauce side
sweat then cover carrots(6 mins)
add rest then cook 5-7 mins

Ushers Shellfish Foam
sauce fish
Reduce shellfish stock then add milk to it.
Yup. That's all he wrote.

Shallot Purée
sauce veg
Saute shallots until very tender with NO COLOUR, add butter.
Once tender blitz in blender. Add cream gradually
pass through sieve and season

Ushers Tomato Water
sauce veg vegan
Chop plum tomatoes (into 8), place in a bowl with sugar and basil stocks stalks?.
Cover tightly with cling film making sure there are no holes to let air escape.
Place over simmering water for 1 hour.
Strain through chinoix then a coffee filter.

Ushers Tempura Batter
ingredient veg vegan
Meh, I'd still go with my batter number 8.
Theres a lot of baking powder in this one though.


Thyme Cappucino
Maybe it's from Ushers. Maybe it isn't.
It's not clear when exactly you add the thyme.

sweat off you garlic, shallots
add wine, reduce by half (thyme as well)
add chicken stock, reduce by half
add cream reduce by 1/3
add rest of thyme and infuse
season to taste

Watermelon Sorbet
dessert veg vegan
Again, not sure where this recipe is from.

boil sugar and water
cut watermelon
add warm syrup to watermelon, blitz and pass
put into Sorbet machine