Winter 2011
Bridgeview Station Riverside Drive, Dundee
Doctor Jenny discovered this quaint little jewel of a place in Dundee, and was very keen to get me up there so she could show it off.
I think that's what she was keen to show me anyway.

Their website proudly quotes a review claiming, as Heineken might, that the restaurant is ...probably one of the best places to eat in Dundee.
Not having tried many other places in Dundee I'd hate to disagree with it, and the food was absolutely delightful so I wouldn't dispute the claim. I just have to mention, though, that despite searching for the source of that advertised quote, I can find no trace of it.
Tut Tut.
Update - 2021 (!)
I finally found that review. It's real! It existed! It's on the link above.
My starter was a strangely nostalgic recreation of an old Straen dish - Pan Seared Scallops, Curried Cauliflower with Caper & Sultana Dressing (though I'm not convinced by the curried cauliflower). And Jenny had Pan Seared Breast of Partridge, Mulled Pear and Parsley Purée which I thought seasonably tasty. If a bit skimpy with the purée.

For my main course I had a beautiful re-creation in miniature of a Christmas Dinner (though I plan on it being my last until, well, Christmas Dinner), featuring tiny roasties, a somewhat dense demi-glace gravy, shredded sprouts with pancetta and a fantastically moist confit turkey wing. So that's how you cook turkey so it doesn't taste of packing material!
Jenny had one of their classic Bridgeview Burgers, which she has tried and trusts, with Home Made Ketchup & Hand-Cut Chips. I tried a bit of the burger, and can attest to its succulence, but I make better ketchup than they do (using I would say a fraction of the amount of vinegar), and I'm not sure what would be so horrifying about them using a knife to cut their chips, but there you go.

The desserts were also well-presented and well-tasty. With a running orange them, apparently:
Orange Cheesecake with Orange Sorbet and Coconut Textures,
Carrot Cake with an Orange & Carrot Gel and Ginger Ice Cream.
I particularly liked the soft white cubes of some cocunutty jelly that came with Jenny's cheesecake. They tasted very much like they were made with coconut water, rather than the flesh - I'd like to have a go at making them.

Price-wise, the dishes are really very reasonable - starters and desserts around £5, main courses around £10 but the portions are fairly tiny, particularly the starters. If you wanted to hog out you'd do well to order 2 starters to fill out the meal, and you would easily be able to afford it!

We only took pictures of the starters - I guess we must have been too eager to dig in than take pictures of the other courses, but take my word for it - the rest of the courses looked just as good.
Apparently the Bridgeview regularly borrows chefs from Michelin starred restaurants to give them the chance to play with new dishes in a less restricted environment, so possibly your mileage may vary, but what we ate would have earned them a Bib Gourmand entry if I was in charge.